Trevver in brief

Trevver is specialised in electronic payments and domain specific interim and change management. We understand payments in all their forms and the associated compliance, cash management, organisational structure, IT systems, and processes and procedures.

This means that we understand how money is moved around the system and how organisations deal with this flow: how the central bank issues it, how banks exchange it, how consumers spend it and how merchants receive it.

We grasp the structural market changes and the business incentives that drive the flow of money and the way to do it efficiently and in accordance with international laws.

Trevver advises you on strategy and solutions, manages the change, trains your staff or supports your operation to help you through transitions.

Trevver was founded in 2012 by Gaston Aussems and Remco Boer who have both previously worked as payment consultants but felt that consultancy could be more, could be different and could be better.

Areas of expertise
Interim management

Managing a company or certain aspects of the business requires an ongoing commitment to the creation of value for shareholders, employees and clients alike.

Project and programme management

We manage change or the achievement of a specified goal in the role of project of program manager utilising management techniques such as Scrum, Prince2 and MSP.

Compliance and Risk

For varying financial institutions we managed regulatory and scheme compliance and risk focusing on institutional integrity, liquidity and solvability, and anti-money laundering and terrorism financing.

Strategy and business development

Where to go and what to do is a fundamental question for firms that we have helped to answer. For some, we execute the strategy, develop the business and increase the profits.

E-commerce payments

Payments for e-commerce must be efficient and instil trust. We have broad experience with the highly diverse solutions and solutions providers including iDEAL, wallets, ApplePay, Sofort, giropay and Bancontact Mr Cash.

Interbank clearing and settlement

We have worked extensively with the backbone of the payments industry and have connected numerous banks to the clearing houses and Target2, the Eurosystem’s settlement platform.

Corporate payments

Efficiently organising high volume payment flows across corporate divisions, complex IT architecture and servicing banks is a challenge. We have advised and implemented the solutions.

Treasury payments

Payments valued at a billion euro or more need special attention. We have provided risk mitigation, SWIFT, deferred and real-time settlement systems, correspondent banks and collateral platforms.


We are regularly consulted on strategic and practical questions concerning iDEAL by Currence the scheme owner, acquiring and issuing banks, payment service provides, merchants, courts and police.

SEPA credit transfers and direct debits

The migration to SEPA required change at all levels, in all of which we played a part. We played a key role in the national SEPA program and handled the migration for individual corporates and banks.

Cards are an indispensable part of online and offline payments. We help issuers and acquirers prepare for changes brought on by 3D-secure, EMV and the EU’s Interchange Regulation.


SWIFT connects financial institutions and services. With a firm graps of the underlying business need and the technical capabilities of SWIFT, we have advised on and implemented numerous implementations.

Clients & Cases
  • Mollie was one of the first online payment service providers to enter the market and offer iDEAL payments to online merchants. Mollie, a licenced Payment Institution, asked Trevver to assume the role of interim CEO of the company and guide it to the next level of maturity. This involved reassessing the company’s strategic position, product portfolio, client base, and internal organisation and processes and then executing the new strategy.

  • Acquiris is the payment terminal specification and certification body within the SEPA region and currently managers the C-TAP specifications (Common Terminal Acquiring Protocol). C-TAP allows a merchant’s payment terminal to process payments from multiple card brands through multiple acquirers. Trevver consultants supported the C-TAP various organisations for over 5 years.

    Acquiris/C-TAP Authority NL
  • This mortgage, savings and investment bank that is part of ING Bank was looking to restructure the payment infrastructure and ensure SEPA compliance. Trevver was asked to design the target architecture and see to its full implementation spanning over than 2 years. This encompassed the implementation of payment hubs, organisational restructuring and the SEPA compliance of all payment flows, mandates and client communication.

    WestlandUtrecht Bank
  • This savings, mortgage and investment bank was spun off from ING Bank’s WestlandUtrecht Bank division and merged with the Nationale-Nederlanden Bank to become a serious competitor in the Dutch retail banking market. Trevver advised on the separation and merger of payment flows. Trevver also set up the Target2 account to allow for reserve management and monetary policy transactions with the European Central Bank and implemented Treasury payments over SWIFT.

    Nationale-Nederlanden Bank
  • The Dutch national SEPA migration program led by the Dutch Central Bank asked Trevver to support the general SEPA promotion, lead its communications with technology providers, service providers and consultancies and deal with the various challenges in a concerted effort with stakeholders. The commitment was for the duration of the SEPA migration and in lasted over 2 years.

    De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank)
  • Setting up interbank payment processing can be costly. For a number of small banks Trevver advised on the outsourcing of payments including the RFP and for some the implementation. This resulted in substantial long term cost savings.

    Small banks
  • Trevver consultants have given payments training to more than 25 organisations including banks, insurance companies and large corporates. The material covers the full spectrum of the payments landscape from cards and online to interbank payment systems with a recent focus on the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

    Various organisations
  • In a number of legal proceedings involving regulators, payment institutions and online payments, Trevver consultants were asked to contribute research and advice to support the legal teams.

    Law firm specialised in financial institutions
  • For this large telecommunications company Trevver reviewed the SEPA migration strategy and implementation plan and advised on software solutions.

    Large telecommunications company
  • An international payment card brand is expanding its coverage in the Netherlands. The company asked Trevver to test acquiring connections for its merchant base.

    An international payment card brand
Nationale Nederlanden Bank
WestlandUtrecht Bank
De Nederlandse Bank
Betaalvereniging Nederland
Nederlanse Vereniging van Banken
Van Lanschot Bankiers
Remco Boer MA, MPhil, CAMS

Remco obtained a Masters in Political Science followed by a Research Masters in Political History, both from Leiden University. Remco specialised in payments, anti-money laundering and change management and has held positions at Innopay and Clear2Pay. He is the author of numerous articles and books on payments and is partner at Trevver.

Gaston Aussems MSc, MBA, CertICM, CAMS

Gaston studied Informatics at the Twente University and completed an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management. Gaston further specialised in payments and international cash management as well as anti-money laundering and Islamic Finance. Gaston has previously held positions at ABN AMRO Bank, PwC, IBM and Clear2Pay. He is partner at Trevver.

Our book

Out now: our book ‘Ik geef U op een briefje’ (available in Dutch only)

Het Nederlandse betalingsverkeer is een van de modernste en efficiëntste systemen ter wereld en staat bekend als buitengewoon betrouwbaar. Het is in dit betalingsverkeer nooit meer zo fout gegaan als in 1923.
De zeer succesvolle Postcheque- en Girodienst, een voorloper van de ING, maakte het voor het eerst mogelijk een betaalrekening aan te houden en landelijk geld over te schrijven. Kort na de oprichting werd duidelijk dat het bestaande systeem inefficiënt en moeilijk schaalbaar was. Daarop werd besloten tot het opstarten van een project dat de dienst moest centraliseren en mechaniseren.

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